The organisator of mythical conventions since 1999, all of its gatherings have become the ultimate reference in the tattoo community, as well as one of the most visited in the world.

This time with more than 500 tattoo artists coming from all over the world, the Tattoo Planetarium offers a vast spectrum of styles, techniques, and influences to travel in the infinite universe of this art, as always with the very best professionals orchestrating once again the great ceremony of blue-inked and colorful skins.

The Tattoo Planetarium is the first convention in the world to also be virtual in the metaverse. Visits are possible.

But to truly be star-struck and meet tattoo stars in the flesh, make sure to come to La Villette’s Grande Halle on November 4, 5 et 6 for the Tattoo Planetarium.

This is my experience in Paris //2023// with most of closer friends

Fist time at Tattoo planetarium in Paris for me , was a good experience for me , for my carrier first of all and spend time with good artists make my level one step up

Welcome in Cayo kun World:

It all started in the ghetto where I grew up with my homies: Arzano, a municipality located in the northern suburbs of Naples.
When the rude reality of this place started to make me feel in a cage , that of hip-hop and graffiti started to set me free; so I took part in this culture that made possible what I am today, an established tattoo artist under the name of CayoKun.

Australia and Canada have enriched my cultural back- ground, but I always back at home from this places; my job still allows me to travel and I could not do without it. My roots are in Naples and in my heart, but Switzerland is opening doors for me and among them also that of my home.

“Unleash Your Monster”

Una causa banale è l’arte nel sangue; crescere e impermearsi di un pennello sempre in vista, di colori, odori, tele, matite, macchie di pittura, disegni sparsi.

Arte, Magia, Ispirazione.

Nel sangue, nella famiglia.

Arte sparsa in giro, vista, rivista, guardata, temperata, buttata, spezzata, ripresa.

Scoprire che un disegno può parlare, con una voce sepolta, che ha mille colori, ma che la parola non fa esplodere.

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Cayo Cayo
Cayo Cayo

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